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The tree in front of my bedroom window feels the wind and moves with its motion. The branches swing around yielding an amazing light show of sunlight through the glass. It's time for the summer to go away, no matter how much I want it to stay.


    - Plug-in: Hijack
    - Circus Brimstone: Live
    - Meshuggah: Catch Thirtythree
    - Discipline: To Shatter All Accord

    - Taro Iwashiro: Red Cliff 2
    - Michiru Oshima: Lost Memories
    - Takrockers: Final Letter - All Saga Arrange
    - Bryan Tyler: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


    - The Tangent: A Place in the Queue
    - J.A.M. : J.A.M.
    - Les Friction: Les Friction
    - Pagan’s Mind: Heavenly Ecstasy
    - Special Providence: Soul Alert
    - Fair to Midland: Arrows & Anchors
    - Hiromi’s Sonicbloom: Time Control
    - Moon Safari: Bloomljud
    - Apple Pie: Crossroad

    - Final Fantasy XIII-2
    - Makoto Yoshimori, Keiichi Kudo, Shingo Endo : Natsume Yuujinchou San/Shi Music Collection - Hinemosu Kirari Kirari


    - Nazuli: En Avent Doute
    - Special Providence: Labyrinth, Space Cafe
    - Yogi Lang: No Decoder
    - Deexpus: King of Number 33
    - Bacamarte: Depois du Fim

    - Clint Eastwood: Hereafter
    - Taro Iwashiro: Onimusha 2 Orchestra album
    - Michael Curran, Geoff Knorr, Ian Smith : Civilization V
    - Shiro Sagisu: Berserk Ougon Jidai Hen I: Haou no Tamago
    - Howard Shore: Hugo
    - Greg Edmonson, Carmen Rizzo: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    - RPW:: God has failed us, The RPWL experience
    - Flying Colors: Flying Colors
    - A Big Goodbye: Sound & Silences
    - The Reign of Kindo: This is what happens
    - Jeff Loomis: Plains of Oblivion

    - Grant Kirkhope: Viva Pinata
    - Masashi Hamauzi: Black Ocean / IMERUAT
    - Michael Giacchino: Super 8
    - Misc artist: Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance
    - Austin Wintory: Journey


    - Chimp Spanner: All roads lead here
    - Arjen Lucassen: Lost in the new real
    - Camel: Mirage
    - New Cool Collective Band: Pachinko
    - The Reign of Kindo: The Reign of Kindo EP
    - Storm Corrosion: Storm Corrosion

    - Motoi Sakuraba: Force of Light
    - Yoko Kanno: Sakamichi no Apollon
    - Akira Yamaoke: Silent Hill 3 Unreleased Tracks


    - Sigur Ros: Valtari
    - Headspace: I am anonymous
    - Trioscapes: Separate Realities
    - The Flower Kings: Banks of Eden
    - Enochian Theory: Life… and all it entails

    - Misc artist: Dragon’s Dogma
    - Misc artist: Mahoutsuka no Yoru


    - Lebowski: Cinematic
    - Gojira: L’enfant sauvage
    - Periphery: Periphery II This time it’s personal
    - Linkin Park: Living Things
    - Neil Cowley Trio: The Face of Mount Molehill

    - Terrance Blanchard: 25th hour
    - Hans Zimmer: Dark Knight Rises
    - Christopher Lennertz: Starhawk
    - Akiko Shikata: Hanakisou Symphonic Orchestra


    - Return to Forever: The Mothership Returns
    - Rick Wakeman: Romance of the Victorian Age
    - Animal As Leaders: Weightless
    - Riversea: Out of an Ancient World
    - Kaipa: In the Wake of Revolution

    - Various Artists: Sekaiju no MeiQ 4 denshou no kyoshin
    - Mark Mancina: Sorcery
    - Nobuo Uematsu: The Last Story
    - Hideki Sakimoto: Time Travelers


    - Kaipa: Vittjar
    - Devin Townsend: Epicloud
    - Katatonia: Dead End Kings
    - Spheric Universe Experience: Anima

    - Audiomachine: Chronicles
    - Misc Artists: Kid Icarus Uprising.


    - Cliff Lin: And your world will burn
    - Unitopia: The Garden
    - Spheric Universe Experience: The New Eve
    - Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin: Rea

    - Nathan Johnson: Looper
    - Yoko Kanno: Nobunaga Ambition
    - Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Edo Guidotti, Jeremy Soule: World of Warcraft - Mist of Pandaria
    - Yoko Kanno: Ashura-jo no Himito,
Yoko Kanno Seatbelts Raichikyu Kinen Collection Album Space Bio Charge


    - Timothy Pure: Blood of the Berry
    - Wobbler: Rise at Dawn
    - Ignatius: Lights from the Deep
    - Focus: Hamburger Concerto
    - Enchant: Tug of War
    - Camel: The Snow Goose
    - Anthriel: The Pathway

    - Various Artists: Bravely Default Flying Fairy
    - Audiomachine: Helios
    - Hitoshi Sakimoto: Final Fantasy XII Piano Collection
    - Misc Artist: Biohazard 6


    - The Aristocrats: The Aristocrats
    - Craig Armstrong: As if to Nothing
    - The Prog World Orchestra: A Proggy Christmas
    - Tom Brislin: Hurry up and smell the rose

    - Thomas Newman: Skyfall
    - Dragon Quest X symphony